The 10 best DIY lighting ideas.

DIY has never been so fun until these funky lighting ideas came about. By using your every day household items you’ll be begging for darkness to come upon you, as it gives you a reason to showoff your marvellous creations. So unleash the electrician in you and get your hands dirty with our top 10 picks of DIY lighting ideas.

10. Vintage Fan Light


Number 10 in our list of DIY lighting ideas goes to this simply stunning vintage fan. Rather than going for a costly traditional ceiling light, use an old fan as a cage for your ceiling light or even a lamp! It will feel right at home with old-style décor.

9. Storytelling Chandelier


Number 9 is storytelling time. We love this beautiful way to jazz up a plain shade. Clip on pages from your favourite book or poems, or even a book with lovely looking pages and give them that vintage appearance with the classic tea bag trick. This would be absolutely perfect as a reading lamp, or a ceiling light in a library or study. Definitely a theme-fitter.

8. Shuttlecocks That Shine


These shuttlecock fairy lights are such a cute addition to a games room or to the bedroom of someone with a sporty personality. Really simple and easy, yet they make such a wonderful effect, especially with the detailed shadows they create. That is why they make number 8 on our list of DIY lighting ideas.

7. Magic Mushrooms


Now number 7 is a bit difficult, that’s why we’ve marked it down a bit and put it here at number 7. Although when done correctly, will give your garden a new lease of life! Although they’re not able to be put together using everyday household items, they look so magical and have an adorable “fairy garden” feel to them. There’s so much more you can add with them such as gnomes, fairy houses or even Smurfs! You’d be creating a perfect magical mushroom corner. Here’s the YouTube video on how to make them:

6. Upcycled Drum Kit


This upcycled drum kit absolutely shows off your personality! Not too complex to assemble and is an eccentric way to get your guests to stop and stare. This bizarre light would be most at home in a garage for band practice, a spare room full of memorabilia, a games room or even a music lover’s bedroom. You can piece it together how you like in a way that suits you and is appropriate for the layout of the room. So for those typically crouched ceilings you can group the drums either side of each other, so they don’t hang too low and get in the way. It’s like music to the eyes!

5. Beer Cans


We’re halfway there on our list of DIY lighting ideas and at number 5, we have the amazing beer can track lights. I absolutely love this idea and the versatility with it is amazing because you can have a whole track of different cans! Ideal for a bachelor pad, a kitchen/diner, or even above a bar! (If you’re lucky enough to have one). They’re so attractive yet such a simple idea and a fabulous way to upcycle your used cans, meaning you’re saving the planet as you go, how can you not love them more?

4. Tea or Coffee?


These teacup pendants are the most charming lights I have come across. Your kitchen or dining room need these lights in their lives, especially if you décor screams shabby chic.  Just make sure you have some strong glue or things could go terribly wrong, eek!

3. Cheese Graters Make Great Lights.


These exquisite cheese grater lights are so weird but there’s something about them that actually makes them look like they should be a legit lighting fixture and that’s why I love them. The added leaf decoration makes it that even more aesthetically pleasing too. Another light that’s perfect for a kitchen/diner with quirky décor. (Might look a bit odd in other rooms, but each to their own.) All of the holes will create funky shadows on your walls and I suppose it will come in handy if you’ve lost your cheese grater.

2. Mason Jars

Mason jars are a classic when it comes to DIY lights and they’re classic for a reason, which is why they hold a strong position, standing at second place, on our lovely little list. They can be made into cute candle holders, small and simple ceiling lights, delicate pendants or even statement fixtures. Add bulbs, candles or even stuff them with fairy lights, like in the picture above, to really achieve the “wow” factor.

1 . Bright Bottles


At the top of our list of DIY lighting are these straightforward fairy light filled wine and spirit bottles. So stunning, so effective, yet so easy it’s unreal. You won’t be able to wait until night time to switch these beauties on. However, with the glass bottle in front, these will always shine bright even during the day. Store them on top of a fireplace, mantelpiece, window sill, on top of your kitchen cupboards or even in a wine cabinet on display or bookcase. You will really want to show them off!


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