Home is where the magic is

Since the Rio 2016 Olympics ended, doesn’t mean we still can’t relive the magic that was brought to us on screens this month, before the Paralympics begin.

Rio is known for its vibrant atmosphere, lively locals and colourful culture, which we all got a taste of during the opening ceremony, like we do annually through the extravagant Rio Carnival, which is considered the biggest carnival in the world with up to 2 million people on the streets daily.carnival-woman-costume-orange-48796

Unfortunately, not all of us can be in Brazil experiencing all the flamboyancy that centres around the city of Rio de Janeiro, so why not incorporate a splash (or wave, if you like to go overboard) of the culture into your home?

Go for gold with tropical themed pieces that scream out Copacabana Beach, such as funky lamps and feathered shades that embrace the dazzling costumes, lavished with feathers, beads and sequins of the carnivals and opening ceremony. Gold is proven to be very popular throughout the variety of themes in the carnivals and it’s definitely a wow-factor in your home. Using this colour will create warm tones throughout the rooms as the light reflects off it, creating a sunset beach vibe.


NIVENendon2Illustrate your
personality with eccentric pendants that will turn all heads, by merging the energetic Brazilian style with a modern touch. Multi-coloured glass with a chrome plate finish, will illuminate the room into a rainbow splurge.

Don’t fancy going for that contemporary feel but still yearning for that powerful carnival burst then go for a classic, timeless piece such as a chandelier. Vibrant yellows, fiery oranges, hot pinks, tropical greens and ocean blues are the essence of Brazil’s carnival trend and you’ll be definitely living life to the full as the citizens do by opting for a dramatic statement piece that’s full of character.


We have more tropical themed pieces here, with the Endon leaf and pineapple lamps, in a stunning silver finish. When we see pineapples and palm trees, we immediately picture ourselves on an exotic beach with a mouth-watering piña colada. (I know I do). To get the fiesta feel, team up the lamps with a bold coloured shade.


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